Movie – Oblivion

It’s been a darn long time since we watched a movie. How to? When the time is so occupied and there’s hardly enough time to sleep. But still, I think it’s important that we still have some couple time to maintain a healthy relationship/marriage.

And so here we are sneaking away, Oblivion, one of the top choices of the “we should watch” movies in our list, starring Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, who is one of the few left on Earth to do some “clean up” job after an invasion from the aliens, that left Earth in a state of unlivable conditions.

So at the start, there was some background narration on what had happened. Or to be more precise, what they (Tom Cruise and his partner, Victoria, starring Andrea Risborough) were being told – their memory was wiped out to “protect” them. And then it shows a recurring dream that Jack always had. Jack, is Tech 49, a technician that ensures that all the flying drones (robots that protects the Earth and the machines that draws the water on Earth from the aliens, called Scavs) are not damaged. And Victoria is the lady in the control tower that helps Jack to look out for Scavs who will attempt to kill Jack.

Then one day, a spaceship fell onto Earth and Jack went ahead to investigate it, ignoring the instructions from the control tower to let the drones handle it. At the crashed site, he saw a number of sleeping capsules with humans in it. And then he saw her, the girl who kept appearing in his dreams (starring Olga Kurylenko as Julia). But soon, a few drones came and destroyed the other capsules. Jack only managed to protect this girl and thus brought it back to his home, where Victoria wasn’t very happy about it.

Before dawn, Julia and Jack sneaked out and went back to the crashed site where they were being captured by the Scavs. That was then where whatever Jack believed and had known doesn’t seem to be the truth anymore.

Well, Tom Cruise is still quite cute despite already of certain age. And like any other movies of his, he’s just the typical hero. A friend of mine commented that it’s a mixture of “The Matrix” and “The Samurai”. Hmm… maybe just a little part of it. Anyway, how many totally original movies can there be?

Above all, it’s quite a great movie. I would like to watch it again if I have the chance. Probably it’s because I hadn’t been watching movies lately. *LOL*

Go for it!

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