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When you don’t have the mood to do things, you simply don’t have the mood to do things.

I haven’t touch anything since the morning. The brain’s not functioning at all today. Darn sleepy and I think I know the reason why, now – my “relative” is here. And it’s been tested, again and again, Chicken of Essence doesn’t help in keeping you awake. I’m not sure what it does though. Probably coffee can do the job but I’m not going to touch that, not now or ever.

It’s 3.30pm and there’s still officially 2 more hours to go. I definitely need to clear 1-2 things by today or else it’s going to be quite bad, for the rest of this week as I’m quite pack from tomorrow onwards.

I’ve got 9.5 days of maternity left to take. Wondering when I should take it. I got to plan some days so that I can stay at home and help out my mum, while at the same time, to run some of the errands which can’t be done on a weekday.

(sidetrack) You guys pushed me to the RC team. As I’m a relatively responsible person, and tomorrow I’m on duty, I need to go and do what I’m supposed to do. If you are going to tell me that it’s not important, then… please nominate someone else to do it next year, or otherwise, cancel the whole RC thing.

(back on track) Need to plan out the exercise regime and meals for lunch. The weather’s too hot for one to enjoy lunching out. Lunching in seems to be a better choice nowadays. If only there were delivery… of non-fast food around this area. Another week before 21 April came. 11.30am, North 2. Hmm… Need to go back and measure again.

Now… what else is on my mind…?

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