Blog #0575

8.42am – Heavy day. Bad way to start. And now I’m rushing for my things. It’s going to be a very busy day.

9.31am – OMG! 35.9% of BODY FATS!! O.O”’

9.58am – Mood. I feel so fat…

11.18am – Wow… luckily I’m not fat for the visceral fats. Didn’t know it’s so scary but then again, maybe I should cut down on KFC and ask the lil’ hub to do it too. After all… it’s all the trans and saturated fats. How to guarantee that you won’t be eating any of it.

12.42pm – (Imagining her thoughts) I want to eat bread but it’s in the plastic bag. Let’s shake and see if I can shake it out. Darn. Dropped the bag of bread on the floor. Is anyone taking up for me? Hmm… looks like not. Think I dropped too many times and mummy and grandma don’t want to take for me again. What is this? O.o? A piece of tissue paper? Give me for what? Hmm… Hmm… (waited and looked around, and waited) How come everyone is ignoring me? *Pout*… *Eyes turned red… sob…*

3.00pm – 2 more hours to go. Need to pump and clear my things before I go for a meeting.

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