Blog #0578

2.36am – Crap. My clock ran out of battery again? *Starring at little milkie, as she whines away…* Hey… wait a minute… it can’t possibly be my watch also ran out of battery right? It’s really still ONLY 2am+?? Why is she awake at this hour??

5.03am – Finally… she’s… asleep…

9.59am – I doubt I can take half day off today… Endure… Endure… Endure… Damn. I feel like puking.

11.32am – My tolerance level for that bunch of ladies near the pantry is getting lower. Yes, it’s fun and healthy, and nice to buy food and cook in the office to eat. But it’s starting to get a little bit irritating when you guys occupied almost the whole of the refrigerator, the ONLY refrigerator that we have in this level. All I needed was a maximum of 20cm by 20cm space, and yet I need to move so many things just to have that space. Why? Because your unfinished cabbage, cucumbers, sambal chilli and what not had been occupying the space for Lord knows how long! Gosh.

12.15pm – The flow is supposed to function on its own. But because of irresponsible people, it had now become my responsibility to check each and every flow. Darn.

2.54pm – Sometimes, the things you do will come back and haunt you. You want to bind people? Bind yourself first. Urgh. I shouldn’t have created the ticket so early, especially when it involves a third party, where I can’t have control of it. Darn.

3.13pm – I can feel myself fainting anytime. What’s worse? I’m going through figures.

5.42pm – The time is crawling…

5.49pm – Felt so dehydrated for the whole day. Must be due to the lack of sleep.

9.28pm – Yes, I know I need to buy that, and that, and that one too, and also to do that, and that that THAT TOO. Yes, I know all of it… BUT I DON’T HAVE THE TIME AND ENERGY!

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