Blog #0579

4.36am – Please… not again… Be a good girl and go to sleep, okay?

8.10am – One by one, they got shot in the face by this needle-like bullet, and they fell to the ground, the whole face turned red and their body frozen. They are not dead yet, just frozen. But hey, I thought there’s 4 of them, where’s the little girl? I looked up and saw her running out of the room. Wait a minute, I thought she got shot too? Or was she the one shooting the rest?

The whole place was too chaotic and all I knew at that moment was to run after the little girl…

… She sat there at the top, watching him playing basketball with the rest. It was very peaceful and quiet, with only the sound of the ball hitting the ground, and occasionally the laughter of the boys. He was much older than her. Who is he? That cute guy that she’s looking at?

Then, he caught her looking at him, smiled and waved at her. The next moment, he was beside her… He asked her something but I couldn’t hear them from where I was. And then suddenly, I heard cries… cries of a baby… But… But… there wasn’t any baby in sight… who’s crying then? Am I dreaming on the cries??

I opened my eyes and… Damn. Little milkie is really crying. It’s time for milk. I dozed off on the sofa. Urgh. Good morning.

9.43am – Let’s prepare for the training.

11.29am – Okay. Over. Now. What?

12.19pm – Just realised that the admin had gone for some hotel inspection and I’m on my own for lunch. Gave me more reasons to skip it. Am too tired to want to eat… I wonder if I should nap instead of taking lunch but… I need to eat to have milk. Urgh. I’m still pumping milk…

2.00pm – Stomach filled. Back in the office. Time to start listing out the things to be cleared today, over the weekend and on Monday (I’m on leave! YIPPEE!). Okay, that will be the plan.

3.42pm – *Singing: It’s a beautiful daaaaaaayyy…!* *LOL* My development site is ALIVE AGAIN! WOOHOO! I’m so happy. Had no idea what happen but I went to try it after it R.I.P. on me almost a year ago, and then miraculously, it works! *LOL* I am happy BEYOND WORDS NOW! Hohohoho :p

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