Blog #0580

4.38am – Oh. She’s awake. Again.

5.06am – Hmm… did little milkie just cried? I thought she’s sleeping? And the lil’ hub too. Never mind, shall check after I finished washing up the pump parts.

5.10am – I walked into the room and saw the both of them sitting up, turned their head and stared right at me. I asked what happened and the lil’ hub complained to me about little milkie not sleeping, and so he scolded her. Little milkie then rose both her arms, signalling for me to carry her. And then they kept starring at each other. WTH. =.=”’

8.42am – In office. It’s Tuesday. Good morning. ^^

9.15am – Sometimes I feel like they think that I’m God. Sending me all the errors and expecting me to solve each and everyone of it. But then, I ain’t no God, and I am my own team. Sadly, there isn’t anyone I can turn to when there’s problems. That’s life, at times, I guess.

11.16am – Seems like the gastric isn’t at it’s top form. Been feeling a little quirky since yesterday but had ignore it. Today… hmm… I just feel like puking…

2.35pm – Sigh… why play politics in such a small and friendly environment?

4.35pm – Yeah! It works. One down. Just need to follow up and ensure workflow completed.

4.43pm – I think I will get brain damage from breathing in too much “evaporated paint”. Having headaches already.

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