Thoughts – A Bad Day

I’ve been so looking forward to my massage and macaron class today for such a long time but alas… Didn’t expect things to turn out like this.

An exit from the car part towards the gantry could result in an accident too. Was waiting for the foreign car in front to exit but who knows, it suddenly reversed, and the lil’ hub didn’t react fast enough to stop this accident. And so it went BANG. Scratches and a broken car plate.


The lil’ hub then went down, furious and then talked to the driver of the foreign car, an Uncle in his late 50s. He called the workshop and insurance company but since it’s a foreign car, there’s no way we can claim insurance from them.

In the end, after the Uncle kept on “nagging” at the lil’ hub on what to do, the pissed and inexperience lil’ hub took down their contacts and left, agreeing to contact them when the amount to repair the damage is confirmed. But soon after we left the scene, the workshop lady called him and then after knowing that it’s a foreign car, she told the lil’ hub that we should have just gotten the compensation on the spot as there’s a lot of cases where the foreigners just fled. Damn.

That got the lil’ hub a little worried and so he called the Uncle. It was 9.45am. His facial appointment is at 10am and mine at 10.30am. I reckoned that I’ll have to postpone or cancel it.

Luckily, the Uncle did pick up the phone but said that the amount to repair is way too high (comparing with that in his country), and insisted the lil’ hub to go to another workshop. WTH. Of course the lil’ hub didn’t want to. Why do we have to go through this kind of trouble when YOU are the one that caused this problem?! So, after arguing for at least 10 minutes, which got the lil’ hub extremely pissed and unhappy, he decided to call the Uncle again after he consulted and confirmed the amount on the repairs. I told him to cancel his appointment too. I know him, he won’t have the mood. And so, we head for the workshop.

That’s it. My whole morning spent at the workshop, followed by going to NEX shopping centre to get the compensation from the stupid Uncle. Mood gone. Massage cancelled. Baking cancelled too. In order to get myself a little happier, we decided to go to IKEA with my family.

And when you think that things are getting slightly better, somehow, I hurt my fourth finger when trying to make some milk for the baby. I have no idea how it happened. I grabbed the back, it slipped, and the strap somehow pulled a little on the nail of my fourth finger. And then half an hour later, the lil’ hub scratched his fourth finger just by walking pass a trolley that someone left it there.

How high is the percentage of 2 unlucky person hurting the same finger on the same day?

Today, is really a bad day. So let’s just stay at home to prevent more things happening. Sigh…

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