Blog #0581

8.45am – Crap. The paint smell is still there. Die… I’m going to suffocate for the rest of today…

9.35am – What kind of email is that??! *Puts on the armour*

9.48am – What is the kind of environment that I hated most? The kind where people played politics and have internal conflict. C’mon, our enemies should be outside the team! Why are you killing your own people? So that you can SHINE? No, it doesn’t work this way, dude!

11.33am – Hungry…

12.03pm – Hmm… why is the VP at the lift lobby? I don’t think we are in the same group right?

12.18pm – Damn. Same group. Urgh… I think I’m going to have indigestion later. I seriously don’t know what’s the occasion. Secretary day, fine but I’m not a secretary! Well… anyway… let’s just eat.

2.38pm – Nice. 2 problems solved today. Let’s tackle more.

4.07pm – At times in your life, you just like to get stuck in stupid decisions such as: I’ve got a fizzy hair on my head, should I pluck it out? *Ponder*

4.31pm – Saw this at one website – “If you pull hair out by root you can do damage to the root bulb which could lead to no hair growing in that spot ever again”. Maybe I should drop that idea.

9.48pm – Bathed. Facial mask on. Relaxing on the sofa. TV’s off. Mum and baby is at auntie’s place next door. Dad’s working. Sis’s not back yet. Lil’ hub is back at our own house. Oooooh… nice… this is… nice… *GRIN*

It’s been quite a while since I get to enjoy such little benefits *GRIN even wider*

11.32pm – Maybe I’ll just take a very short nap…

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