Blog #0582

1.07am – Did I doze off…? Oops… Ah. Might as well… *Goes back to sleep*

6.33am – Sometimes, it really is quite irritating when you’ve got a baby who, for some reasons, still kept on turning and turning with her eyes closed while sleeping. Especially when you are a light sleeper.

6.53am – Crap. Did I see another scratch mark on her face? Ah… what’s wrong with her nails?? Urgh.

10.11am – Dazed.

11.30am – Confused. But stick on to what you believe and not be swayed by words of others.

1.08pm – I’m a woman. And I’m going to say… probably more than 50% of the female drivers suck (I’m one of them and thus, part of the reason why I don’t drive as I don’t want to endanger other people’s lives). Secondly, it sucks to have a female superior, or at least, 65% of the time as sometimes, you won’t have any idea why they flare up. -.-”’

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