Blog #0585

2.28am – Good little sweetie, go back to sleep okay? Mummy loves you. MUAK!

8.02am – Dried poo. Oops. Did you wake up at 2am+ because you poo-ed? O.O?

9.18am – OMG. Boss texted me if I’m coming to office today. Oops again. I’m SO LATE!

9.53am – Oh. Why am I going through each and every point with them? And I thought we have already gone through with them?

1.47pm – I am so auntie. *Carry 2 packets of diapers*

2.26pm – I felt like an expert, especially after I gave birth to the little one. Somehow, lots of friends seem to come to me for advice. Hmm… well, I don’t mind, and in fact am quite happy to share these information. Just find it weird. *LOL*

9.04pm – Just finished watching the programme on the veteran actor who passed away about a week plus ago, losing the battle to one of the deadliest illnesses – cancer. Why did God create humans in such a way that they had to die in such sufferings?

I don’t know him by person but am still sad by the fact that he’s gone. I’d watched him acted since young. Sigh… again, life’s fragile. Don’t waste it away.

9.28pm – Really feel like saying out loud – “See, I told you so!”. Mum’s sort of complaining that recently, little milkie is becoming naughty of sort, especially when she’s about to sleep. Always kicking up a big fuss and needed to be carried to sleep. Well, you guys gave her the chance to be this way, didn’t you? When I asked you guys not to carry her to sleep, you all replied with a “never mind, just this once”, and then subsequently another one, and another one… and it goes on.

Like I mentioned previously, since you guys enjoy so much in carrying her to sleep, I won’t stop you. Oops. ^^

I’m bad. I know.

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