Blog #0587

6.15am – Gosh. Time to wake up again… but I’m still so sleepy…

7.25am – The trainer is definitely not helping with such monotonous tone of his! *Yawn*

7.36am – I’m shutting off.

8.40am – This VPN really sucks! It’s the 5th time that I’d reconnected since 7am!

10.07am – Finally ended. I desperately need a nap.

3.47pm – Time flies! It’s going to be 4pm soon! 1.5 more hours and I’m going POOF! Will need to go run some errands at the supermarket (again) later on after work. But it’s okay. It’s FRIDAY and I’m in quite a good mood! ^^

4.57pm – Half an hour more! But I’m still so busy. Nonetheless, today’s a little bit organize so am quite happy about it.

5.32pm – LOG OFF!

5.54pm – Ooooooh! And I thought who called my name. It’s my dear little “sister” from Secondary School. It’s been years since I last saw her. Nice.

6.19pm – It’s quite irritating when you are wearing a “Danger, Keep Away” sign behind you, and yet you walk towards people. Urgh. I’m standing at a junction, waiting for the green man to appear. The grass cutter then crossed the zebra crossing and started cutting away the grasses in that small patch. Alas. Pieces of grass flew and hit me even when I already stood at the edge. Luckily it’s just grasses that flew. -.-”’

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