Blog #0588

Lazy Saturday. Had wanted to go back home and baked some cakes or pies but unexpectedly, probably due to some indigestion (ate nasi lemak), felt too bloated and pukey, thus in the end, cancelled the idea of baking, and postponed it to tomorrow, hopefully.

Anyway, rotted for almost the whole of the afternoon, and had wanted to go to a cafe downstairs to eat but who knows, coincidentally, that whole place was booked for some private event. What luck we have huh?

Well, dengue fever’s on high alert recently, and we’d tried all sorts of methods of repellants. From the sprayed, to the patch, to the electric and insecticides, and even natural ones! But then, somehow the mozzies still appeared! I killed one today. Sigh. Let’s hope there won’t be anymore.

Okay, let’s go back to rotting…

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