Blog #0590

The weekend’s coming to an end… Got back from the mini simple¬†wedding dinner, which the lil’ hub kept complaining about the quality of the food. Baby’s asleep and so is mum, who dozed off beside. The lil’ hub’s in the living room watching tv while playing game on his hp and biting his nails. The sis isn’t back yet and dad’s still working. I’m going to look for the z-monster soon, too. But first, let’s recap on some of the low lights of today.

Me: So what do you want to watch?
Lil’ hub: Erm… how about that one? “The Hungry Game”?
Me: What? O.o?
Lil’ hub: Oh, I think it’s “The Hungrier Game”
Me: Bebe, *ROFL* “The Hungrier Game”, starring the Lil’ Hub. *LOL* I think it’s called “The Hunger Game”. *LMAO*

Lil’ hub adjusting his shirt, and then proudly and happily pointed at the new belt that he’s wearing, and said: “Gucci”
Me: *trying hard not to laugh* Bebe, it’s “Coach”

Okay, that’s it. Let’s go to bed and hope tomorrow won’t be that blue. It’s a Monday. Ah… Life.

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