Thoughts – A Dark World

As I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed while pumping, 9 out of 10 posts is somewhat related to the elections of Malaysia that was held yesterday. And then the profile picture of friends were just black. So, I read and then I got to know that, apparently the BN (current government – but I’m not really sure what it stands for) won most of the votes (if I’m not wrong). And for some states (or areas), it seems to give people some kind of impression that there’s fraud. Is there? Really?

I’m not sure. Only those who experience it first hand, a.k.a. saw/do it themselves, will know it. Me? I’m only reading posts posted and shared again and again by friends, and friends of friends who probably I don’t even know.

So who’s saying the real thing? I doubt you won’t be able to find out if you just read.

After living all these years in a relatively protected mode with “brain-washing” done at a young age in a holistic view. Over the years, I’d learned that the world doesn’t seem like a nice place to be anymore because of greed, the need for power and wealth.

Look at how many “cover-ups” or conspiracy theories there could be. Look at how humans/animals are being treated. Are there really aliens around? What’s the real reason to all the wars?

Just a simple election and then you heard news of riots, fake votes and voters. To earn money, lives of fellow countrymen can be risked. To gain power, strategies were planned so as to manipulate the minds of people.

But then again, life still goes on, and it will because there’s still many wonderful things around. And it will only be wonderful if you chose to believe that it is.

And I just saw a variety show last night, showing how frog juice is made! Slammed the frog on table till it fainted, then threw it into the blender and blend it alive, and then start pouring some other liquid in it. Gross!

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