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The day has finally come to an end…

I’m lying on the mattress beside the sleeping baby in the living room. It’s a cool night and so won’t be switching on the air-con. Furthermore, little milkie seems to be having slight running nose. That’s the problem. You can’t really tell if a baby is feeling cold or not, or at least, I don’t. And yet you can’t really cover her with a blanket for 2 reasons. Firstly, she might accidentally cover her head and later can’t breathe (that’s what my parents are worried about). Secondly, it’s near to impossible to cover her for the whole night with all those kickings and turnings.


How’s today? Well, it had been a really busy day with me trying to resolve one issue for a project manager so that he won’t kept on coming to bother and irritate me. Especially when he can’t seem to understand what I’m trying to say, or worse still, he’s not even listening. Thankfully, I managed to solve everything and am now waiting for his feedback. Other than that, I don’t remember doing any other things.


Then I dropped my wallet in the canteen today without realising it. Luckily a kind man picked it up and returned to the security. I think. Maybe it’s a good thing that I put a namecard inside my wallet so that people can at least contact me. And then a blurred me went back home in slippers (wore in office) instead of the heels. Sigh… Sometimes I really think a lot of my brain cells died after I got pregnant. I wonder what’s going to happen if i get pregnant again… O.O”’

The frustrations on the results of the Malaysia elections continued. And hopefully it’s not going to get worse for I heard news of holding a strike this coming weekend. Colleague had also told me if possible, don’t go to areas like Penang, KL and JB, just in case. Anyway, a little comment from a not-so-involved-in-politics person. Times are different from the past, especially for a lot of younger generations who are educated. Do we like peace? I think yes, we do. And we want the country to move forward and prosper. We ain’t racist anymore. Over the years, we had grown to live with each other, and be friends with each other (personally I’ve got friends of different races), so why are the leaders (and media) still trying to stir trouble? Is that how a leader should be? And sometimes, it really is better to just keep your mouth shut rather than “slap the ass of a horse”. Sigh…

Eyes can’t hold out anymore. Going to sleep. Goodnight. Let’s hope tomorrow will be a better day.

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