Blog #0592

9.38am – Didn’t sleep well last night. Am now extremely tired. My system’s having problem again. *SULK* Saw that list of TO-DOs made me even more moody. *SULK* Never mind. Endure 2 more days and I’ll have a long weekend!

11.38am – Mood’s gone a little bad after reading the post on a friend’s Facebook. Being diplomatic? Really. I think he can do a lot better than that, other than saying it’s a “good win”. If you can’t disagree, then at the very least, don’t agree with it. I don’t want to teach my kids to be diplomatic but yet forgotten to differentiate between the good and the bad.

2.49pm – *PUKE BLOOD* I hated it when people just don’t listen. When I talk, let me finished first before you said no and repeat it all over again. SUCKS. Mood’s totally gone.

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