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9.17am – Endure. Just one more day and I’ll have a long weekend. Erm… I mean, extra 2 days to rest. Sis just told me about the horror movie that she watched last night – Long Weekend. Euk. I just want to have a normal weekend. *LOL* Good morning! Let’s hope everything will go smoothly today! ^^

10.19am – A chat with friends and I realised that I’m SO underpaid! WTH.

11.53pm – I’d decided. I’ll start looking for a new job. If there’s an interview, I’ll go. If there’s an offer, I’ll consider. As much as the company I’m working in now is really very near to where I”m staying, it’s really causing me to be a little unbalance when my peers are earning like 40k more than me annually. That’s… a little bit too much.



1.14pm – These people really don’t have any manners. It’s obviously that the sales person is engaged (with me), why would you go and approach her?!!! Can’t you wait for your turn. QUEUE UP! QUEUE UP! Don’t think just because you got the money and thus you can just jump queue. And that is not A question, it’s OBVIOUSLY BUYING THINGS ALREADY! WTF. I wonder if your parents ever taught you manners.

1.24pm – Finally bought my neck firming cream after being interrupted by 3 idiots. I seriously don’t know that there’s so many idiotic aunties around who can’t wait. Yes, probably they really can’t wait because they are dying soon and thus need to rush for time. I’m sorry to say such things but am really pissed to be interrupted and thus causing me to be late! MANNERS! MANNERS!

2.36pm – Yes, indeed. Recently I’m getting unmotivated especially after the change in management where everyone starts to cover their own ass. I don’t blame them. I’ll only blame the one at the top for she don’t really have good management skill and too high an expectation. Other than pushing and pushing and being very results-oriented, I don’t know what else she knows. And since I have to cover my own ass as well, and treat everyone with caution, I might as well try for the public sector where it fetches more money, with better prospects. Except for the fact that it’s further away from home, it’s probably much better…

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