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It’s been n days in a row where she woke up in the middle of the night and cried, almost non-stop. She hasn’t been sleeping well recently. Why? I have no idea. That’s the problem when babies still can’t tell you exactly what’s wrong. And that’s also one of the reasons where I tried to talk normally with her so that she can try and convey (by body language or spoken) instead of just crying. Hey, first thing you’ll need to learn little milkie – I can’t read your mind. So please don’t just cry…

Sigh…  and then you know something is wrong when you woke up, made a cup of hot milk, and then switched on your working lappie and typed away…

My eyes are wide open with the brain half awake. I’m freaking tired and sleepy but just couldn’t get to sleep after being woken up by little milkie. In fact, the whole family got woken up, and just now, my room had been invaded by my parents. And funnily, nobody wants to take the bed.

Insomnia. When did that come back and haunt me? And it doesn’t help at this point to have a caring dad who kept asking you to go to sleep when they’ll take care of the baby. Dad, I’ll sleep when I can sleep, which I wish I can.

And now, I only hope that the electric mozzy repellant will work in this unlit living room. I don’t really want to get suck.

Am quite thankful though, that the lil’ hub ain’t going to be here for this few nights. Otherwise, I think he’s going to flare up on little milkie for waking him up.

Now what… I’m awake.

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