Blog #0597

10.21am – Wow. It’s already 10am+. That’s fast. Half the morning’s gone without me doing anything at all except attended a meeting and poo-ed. Trying to eat the bread that my sister prepared for me this morning but the appetite’s bad. In fact, I felt more like puking. The body’s aching rather badly too, as if I just exercised yesterday. Did I? *PONDER* No. I don’t remember doing any exercise nor carried little milkie a lot. Whatever it is… I need to persevere. There’s still a long way to go.

11.30am – The lack of sleep and loss of appetite had caused a drastic drop in my milk supply… yielding slightly less than half of the usual… *SCRRREEEEAAAAAAMMM*

12.18pm – After lunch, the head’s still groggy, and the pukey feeling is still there. How?

1.04pm – Is it me? Or is the time passing very slowly today?

3.22pm – I think the company, “Sea Horse”, can close down soon. Just called the branch (Compass Point) where I bought the bedsheet for the 3-fold mattress, and I was greeted with a fax tone after 2 rings. WTH. Never mind. So I thought probably I called the wrong number and thus continued to search for another number, and indeed, I found another number. I called it and then immediately, it reached a dead line. Never mind. I tried searching for it’s website but unluckily, there’s only the Hong Kong one. But I managed to find a Singapore number in it, not the email though. So, I called and was greeted by a sleepy lady who don’t seem to understand what I’m talking. WTH. Close down please.

5.27pm – A wise guy once told me to control my thoughts so that my life will not be affected. And he said it’s a skill that I need to master. I didn’t master it but I know I can do a lot better compared to the past. I know anyone close to me can tell me that, yet I chose to listen to his words instead.

Now, he mentioned that there’s another skill that I (or anyone) should pick up, and that is, the skill to overcome procrastination. I think I needed that badly or I’m stuck at where I am. Let that day, be today.

7.52pm – Sneaking a little bit of time now while the baby is not at home. It’s good, really, when there’s people helping you to take care of her. Otherwise, I doubt I will even have this bit if I just rely on the lil’ hub. And oh, he won’t be coming over so often as he’s doing his reservist, and then going back home to study. Let’s hope he can pass this time. Oh. She’s back!

8.10pm – How did such a big ant crawl into my room??

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