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6.15am – *Handphone vibrating* Eh? Lil’ hub’s up, which means it’s in the morning… which means little milkie never wakes up in the middle of the night yesterday? Hurray! Hmm… shall I credit it to Fengshui (shifted her sleeping position and bed)? Or the amulet (in case of any spiritual beings that’s making fun of her)? Or the “fresher” air (I packed a bit of my room)? Anyway, despite my still not so well stomach, I had a nice sleep. Oh, I’m taking mc today. Need to visit the doctor on my gastric.

9.52am – Gotten the mc! Yes! I can run the errands today! *LOL* Well, shouldn’t waste the day away and stay at home right? Since, the sickness is not really that bad as long as I try to eat light and on-time. It’s irritating, but there’s nothing I can do. Got it ever since in primary school due to ONE occasion and it lasted until now. And it’s not even because I’m naughty and skipped my meals or what. It’s because my mum’s friend came over, and my mum didn’t start the dinner. The stupid me at that time didn’t voice it out and ate my dinner late too, and that’s it.

Sadly though, my mum just didn’t believe me. I think… like what she said earlier on my dad: “Must be he lied too many a time, and thus he don’t believe what others said anymore”. Probably that applies to her too! But I’m quite irritated about it… as I’d mentioned, “When the mum stops listening, the child stops talking”. I’m going to stop talking. There’s no point talking when the mum just don’t listen to you, and then starts assuming things on her own. E.g. if I got gastric, it WILL BE because I ate too many spicy and oily food. Sigh… I got it this time round because I ate my breakfast damn late due to a meeting which caught me once I reached the office. She never even bother to listen to what I want to say. Seriously… how different is she from THAT you-know-who auntie?

1.57pm – I’m STILL at home. No errands completed yet. I wonder if I can get to complete all those things today.

3.22pm – Okay! One down! Everything moved back to my house and kept in the storeroom. Smuggled my “treasures” too but then there’s one whole lot that’s missing. I wonder where is it… I can’t seem to find it in neither of the houses. Hmm…

4.30pm – Another one down! I’m so glad that IKEA let me exchanged those photoframes even when I threw away my receipt already. Maybe I should start collecting them again. And I managed to buy all those boxes too! Must PLAN to start packing my room.

5.02pm – Am taking a break at sister’s house. Ah… so tired.

6.51pm – Sea Horse can really close down! Went down to the shop itself at Compass Point and I seriously feel like slapping that sales lady. The moment I told her the cover bedsheet doesn’t fit, she asked if my foldable mattress is those with the lining? I’m like, WTF! You know that there’s this issue, WHY didn’t you bring it up that day when we bought it, especially when we asked so many questions?????!!!!!!!!! Furthermore, we DID say that we got it 2-3 months ago and you said that there shouldn’t be any problem. Now, what do you expect me to do with the not-long-enough bedsheet?

Some people are really brainless and don’t take pride in the work they do. No wonder (like what the lil’ hub always said, though it’s a little crude) she’s still working there.

7.16pm – Amid the anger caused by an idiot working in a closing-down company, I’m quite happy today as I managed to clear a lot of TO-DOs. Tired? Definitely, but happy. Let’s hope everyday I can hit my target!

11.58pm – Time to relax! Little milkie should be sleeping soundly already though she did cry a few times earlier. Still, I think I’ll just go buy some incense paper to burn tomorrow, just in case. And see when I’m free, then I’ll head down to the temple. It’s been quite a while since I last went to pray.

Okay, that’s all folks! Goodnight!

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