Blog #0599

12.34am – Just when I thought that I can finally sit back and relax a bit, and probably have an earlier sleep, and enjoy another night of undisturbed rest, little milkie woke up crying. This time round, a lot louder. Worse still, with a fever of 38 degree celsius. Damn. How did it go up that high? Wasn’t she still alright a while ago?

1.11pm – I can’t take it anymore. Let’s hope she’s alright by morning, and now… I’ll leave her to my parents…

7.32am – OMG. 38.2 degree celsius. Urgh… the medication must have wore off. Hmm… I need to have a quick pump first.

8.05am – Huh! 38.4 already! I better wake her up!

9.45am – Suddenly, I realised that my mum is REALLY very naggy. Just before I slept last night, I remember her nagging about the baby shouldn’t be going out that often, shouldn’t have gone to the airport that day. Shouldn’t have done this and that. But the problem is, it’s already done and over. Can’t we focus on the future – such as letting little milkie get well instead? She definitely reminds me of that relatively-irritating auntie. *LOL* Let’s pray I won’t become like her in the future, or else little milkie sure will get xxxxxx too.

10.11am – Meeting at 11am later on. I think I better go and do my pump now. Little milkie needs it.

10.55am – I… still… want… to… puke…

10.59am – You know… my job is NOT to just look at the email and reply to them once I received it. I DO have other things to do, too.

11.01am – A bunch of late comers. What’s with these people? Can’t they be here on time?

11.11am – Bloody hell… just because 80% of the people is in another urgent unplanned meeting. You let the other 20% (which I have no idea why there’s only me) waiting… BRAVO.

12.52pm – I’m taking half day leave and going back home. Bringing the little one to see the doctor later.

3.08pm – It’s the first time I see a doctor dodging from the sight of a baby. It’s… almost… hilarious… I’m so sorry, Dr Simon. That’s just little milkie… to be scare of a stranger but yet always wanting to look out for the stranger. I supposed… she just wants to know where her “enemy” is. *LOL*

5.07pm – Okay… temperature’s dropping…

11.57pm – The lil’ hub must have hated my mum. To (ignorantly) talk to mum beside little milkie and causing her to start crying and yelling again. -.-”’ Poor granny… *LOL*

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