Blog #0604

9.25am – Didn’t take the drowsy medicine today. Though I’ve not fully recovered, it’s time to start clearing the backlogs that’s been built up over the last few days when I’m down. So… GANBATTE!

10.48am – Chatted with a friend. Her ex-fling wants to come back to her. Sigh… what for? Especially when he’s still married… -.-”’

2.20pm – I bought some scrapbook paper (finally) and polymer clay (finally too) today. New projects? Well, I guess it depends on how sick I am… Back to work.


2.47pm – It’s actually quite easy to see if one has leadership qualities and is able to take stress when he/she is under stress. A pity that the one that I talked to, simply can’t. And the things that he’s handling now is definitely waaaaaaay too much for him to handle. It’s clear. He flared at the wrong thing, at the wrong person. There’s no reason. Out.

4.18pm – The lil’ hub’s coming to fetch me! Yippee! ^^


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