Thoughts – A Fairy Tale

I just finished a Korean drama, Love Rain, starring Jang Geun Suk and Yoona. So cute…

Ah… the heart wrenching love story of two, deeply in love, and gave up on it so that their parents (first love) can be together again. But of course, in the end, they somehow got together and live happily ever after (up till the point it ends).

Not the lengthy draggy kind of story. No comas. No restrictions by parents due to statuses in life. Nice.

Most girls (and probably boys too), especially when young, would dream of their own fairytale, and hope that somehow, one day they will get to find their Prince Charming. Someone who’s cute and handsome, and probably rich, at least that’s what always happened on TVs or books – you lead a happy and carefree life and then one day, unknowingly, this person just came into your life.

I used to dream of that, when I was in my teenage years. I love reading books, romance books. But it stops when I reached the age of 15. A tad early but I realized that fairytale doesn’t exist in reality. Sadly. In this reality that we lived in. And is still living in.

Firstly, we ain’t in the era where people will give up everything for love. You’ve heard of people eloping probably in your parents’ generation but definitely not ours because… do we need to? And nowadays, love seems so much “cheaper” than it used to be. Secondly, how many people does actually ends up doing the things you like? I’ve got a bunch of friends who are mostly stuck and trapped in the rat race to earn a living, and to live a relatively comfortable life, doing the things that they are just OKAY with. Who the hell got the time to really enjoy life? Who the hell actually really does the things he/she likes? There are, but not many, just a fortunate few. Lastly, the people in the fictional stories always seem to have all the time in the world. *LOL* You? If you are a normal working class group, working from 9am – 5pm, you’ll probably only have the dinner time, where by then, you’ll be so freaking tired to want to just go back and rest. And it gets worse with the age.

Oh well, life still goes on… keep on dreaming, maybe, just maybe, it might really come true.

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