Blog #0608

7.32am – Ouch. WTH. Blocked again??!

9.05am – Reached office 5 minutes ago. Not too bad for a start. Let me settle down first.

9.49am – Haven’t got the time to take my breakfast yet but I supposed I’ll have to deliberately stop for a while and take. Lots of things going through my head again. I wonder how I can clear it…

10.28am – Should I go home for lunch?

10.31am – Never mind. I think I’ll have it somewhere near. Seems like it’s going to rain heavily soon. The whole sky looks so gloomy today.

11.25am – Blocked ducts at closed to 11th month! That’s so… annoying! I’d only been lazing for the past few days. And it’s not as if I never pump it out. Urgh. Still annoying. Guess I’ll have to work harder for the coming days.

11.42am – I just received a shoutout from a colleague while I made my way to the pantry: “Don’t look so gloomy le!” Great. Do I really look that gloomy today?

12.45pm – Ooooh. I’m late for my lunch! Got dragged to help out in the “rescue team”. Too bad my system is a little too sucky to help much. Now. I need food. Shall buy and pack back into the office to eat. Too lazy and boring to eat at the cafe above.

1.06pm – Bought my food back. Let’s start eating! Fish soup. Yummy… ^^

1.54pm – Just read the news on the newborn baby boy who got rescued from the sewage pipe in China. Sewage pipe… yes, you did read it correctly. HOW THE HELL DID ALL THESE PEOPLE BEAR TO THROW OR FLUSH A NEWBORN INTO A SEWAGE PIPE!!! It’s barely acceptable to even kill a foetus that’s a few weeks old!! Goodness… 9-10 months of carrying your own flesh and blood in your womb, with all the kickings and wrigglings from it, and then the next thing, when he’s out, he’s down in the pipe… You might as well try to kill it before all these things happened!

I feel sad for the boy. I wonder how he’s going to think when he grew up. You survived. Your biological mum somehow threw you in a sewage pipe. Crap.

2.31pm – Down at another level for a meeting. Am lucky enough to have met one of the team members at the lift lobby such that I don’t need to blindly search for the room. Ah… Family Day’s at the new building. Sucks. But it’s a low budget event this year, what to do…

3.27pm – I think the standard dropped ever since the previous President left. Hmm… and I realised me and my team member are the only ones left that’s concern about having a nice poster around. Hmm… and I think I did quite a good job for my previous 2 events. Hmm… anyway… just a few more months left. Hope they (the management) won’t sabo me for next year.

4.07pm – An hour and a half to go. Moodless. Saw the video clip on the mermaid that’s caught on video. Hmm… real??

4.51pm – Second pump completed. 40 minutes left. I’m really counting down… Hmm… the lil’ hub’s not coming over tonight. Maybe I’ll do a little bit of reading?

4.56pm – Oh. The idiot is starting to message again. It’s almost 5pm dude, I’m going to be off work real soon. If you want to speak, can you do it, quick. Don’t ping and let it hang there till the sun goes down… I wonder why some people just like to waste the time of others.

5.04pm – Okay. That is really irritating. To ping me and ask me to solve a problem online, and then half way, continued with your own things while I’m waiting and watching your desktop like an idiot. I seriously REALLY wonder why some people just can’t have the initiative or courtesy to just tell people, “Hi, I’m sorry, can you wait for a while.” or “I’ll come and look for you again.”

5.15pm – Should I take up Korean too? O.o

5.19pm – I just post a dumb question to my friend – “Can I mix my blog with the work that I want to do?” And her reply: “OMG, you’ve been abducted! Who ask for verification if she can do wat on her blog.” Apparently, I’m still thinking, and am not thinking it right. Hmm… let’s see… since the lil’ hub won’t be around tonight. Probably I’ll do a sum up on my recent thoughts and reflection, provided that the floor is mopped and the little one is asleep. Ah… that little naughty one. She looks more and more like her dad nowadays. Damn it.

5.25pm – I’ve been post another weird question again. Something which made me think that someone is out to push blame and point finger again. The pointing finger game… whatever. I’m going home soon. Will stay for a little while more to make up for the lateness this morning.

5.44pm – “…fly me to the moon, let me swing among those stars… let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars…” Damn. So nicely sung. Such lovely voice. If only the lil’ hub can sing nicely instead of always deliberately singing it out-of-tune. Send him for phonics, singing and styling? *LOL*

8.11pm – The baby’s still awake…

10.32pm – I guess I won’t be able to do anything tonight. It’s relatively quite late, and my brain is almost dead.

10.50pm – Stupid lil’ hub. Tagged me on FB with: “My wife just told me that she is in love with another man…” Gosh… how could he expose my secret like that! *LOL* But of course I’m in love! He’s so much younger and cuter, and taller, and… … … *Listing it out in head*

11.16pm – *Sweet dreams* Oyasumi…

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