Blog #0609

7.20am – No more blocked ducts! Yippee! OHAYOU GOZAIMASU!

9.05am – Reached office!

9.56am – The thought of moving to the new office simply made me extremely depressed. It’s TOO direct. The Fengshui is totally bad. How to work in PEACE and HARMONY?

10.38am – Yeah! Joining the yoga class held in my office from June onwards. Need to slim down. Need to slim down!

11.40am – McDelivery! I’m so going to get the Hello Kitty!!

12.28pm – OMG. Did you read the updates on the baby boy in the sewage pipe? The delivery was unexpected and the baby boy dropped into the toilet and got stuck in the tube. Hmm… can that even be possible? And seriously… why would someone, when in great pain (from the delivery), squat above the toilet hole? O.o?? And the baby boy was stuck for 2-3 hours. Wasn’t there any reporting of this issue? Or there was but it’s just not reported on the news? Weird…

… and my McDelivery is still not here yet… Hungry…

12.48pm – And it’s still not here yet… Damn. We should have decided earlier. Then we won’t have to wait for so long… *fainting…*

2.03pm – I got my WITCH! Yeah! Shall open with little milkie when I get back home tonight! Heehee ^^

4.04pm – Euk. Time to work. Got dragged into the war… *Pengz* But thankfully, I managed to save myself and the admin from the arrow of doing the additional DAILY work. *Phew* That was really close…

9.13pm – Okay. Let’s change it.

11.56pm – After almost a whole night of cracking my brain to do the template of that report requested at the very last minute, it’s time for some writings before the sleep! But will say… OYASUMINASAI in advance! ^^

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