Blog #0610

7.11am – It’s an ORANGE day! Random. Random.

8.55am – *PHEW!* That was closed! Almost knocked into a hanging cocoon! Not sure if it’s filled or empty inside though. *LOL* Anyway, never knocking into it probably depicts a lucky day! ^^

9.49am – Can knock off at 4.30pm today but the lil’ hub’s going for facial and subsequently going to meet his friend for dinner. Eat with Family day? Hmm… without him…

10.01am – Oooooh… he called.

10.37am – Busy day again?

11.53am – Should I go somewhere after work?

12.35pm – *PHEW!* I really really am lucky today! Managed to get the last few Hello Kitty (Wizard of Oz) in that particular McDonald’s! Otherwise, the trip would really be pointless. *Happy happy*

4.11pm – Power is being abused when given. Sad. Can’t they control a little? Why do they always like to force me to bind their hands and legs totally?

4.33pm – Go home now? Revamp the room… Plan.

9.59pm – I’ve got the time now. Baby’s sleeping. Dad mopped the floor already. Now¬†what? Hmm… That’s the problem. Not knowing what to do when there’s time.

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