Ramblings #0629

7.18am – I better wake up and start pumping. Otherwise I’ll be damn late again. The boss is back today so I can’t be too late. Talking about the boss… sigh… I still feel, no matter how much you don’t like the other, since it’s supposed to be an “Appreciation Lunch”, don’t make it TOO […]

Ramblings #0627

7.36am – It’s not here yet… It’s confirmed not here yet… then… what are those yesterday? O.O” It can’t be… right? OMG… 8.52am – Another day of clear skies and fresher air… Thank God for that. 9.44am – Just had a hearty breakfast and now I’m back to work! Finally break myself from the dazing […]

Ramblings #0620

2.05am – Okay, I better stop. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I’ll be late for work in the morning. Let’s continue the drama tomorrow! 7.00am – WOW! Is that the alarm?!!! It’s TOOOOO LOUDD!!! *Frantically tried and switched it off* Luckily the baby only stirred a little… 7.52am – CRAP! I OVERSLEPT!!!!!! 9.17am – Oooooh. So […]