Blog #0613

5.44am – Where’s the pacifier…?

6.05am – Might be a good thing to pump now instead of rushing later on.

8.35am – I’m in the office! Woohoo! Good job! *pat pat myself* Time to cheong! *IN HYPER MODE*

9.46am – Bought the casing! Oops.

9.57am – Registered! Hmm… what else…?

10.12am – For some reasons, I don’t seem to have the mood to work though I’ve got tons of things to do still. The admin is on leave. I’m going to meet a friend for lunch later. And… my brain isn’t here with me today… Hmm…

11.31am – I’m pretty sure I didn’t bring my brain with me to work today as I sat dazing in front of my computer since the morning. And the heels didn’t help me in the walking. I guess I’ll have to switch to the flowery flip-flops that I put in the office. Hmm… doesn’t match at all. Should I get a pair of black M)phosis flip-flops to replace this? *Stares at my feet*

11.49am – Je ne suis pas un admin.

12.22pm – Okay. I’d decided. Let’s move everything over here! Then I’ll really only have one site to upkeep! ^^

2.14pm – The weather is FREAKING HOT! I wonder if it’s at least 33-34 degree celsius outside. I can feel my skin burning. And now the back of my dress is soaked with my sweat. Euk. *Sticky all over*

4.47pm – Wow. Time passes really fast when you are concentrating. And I didn’t realise it’s raining. Weird weather.

5.24pm – And I thought I lost her there… but now she’s back… I wonder if it’s a good thing or bad…

5.52pm –┬áSeriously hated rain when I’m on my way home.

9.29pm – Baby’s asleep early today and so I’m here… Am so sad! Jang Keun Suk don’t have LINE in Singapore! Sigh. I wonder if I can tap it from somewhere. Anyway, time to buck up!

9.39pm – Hungry. I think I’ll have to break the rule tonight.

10.34pm – Shall I migrate this blog instead?

10.53pm – And moved all my past blogs from everywhere? Hmm… that’s something that I will consider… to move all these to the main domain –

11.11pm – Let’s all slowly witness the GREAT migration…

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