Thoughts – On My Flashbacks

What’s so interesting that kept me up so late? Yes, it’s none other than my old old blog posts that’s written like 10 years ago! Can you imagine that?!! I actually started writing for so long!!

It’s always nice to look and read back on what happened those days. The exact thoughts and events that happened, which possibly changed your life, and that’s why, you are the YOU now.

Me? I’d always thought I’m not the smart one, to constantly get myself involved in the so-called “rotten peach blossom” every now and then that caused me to get myself stuck in the vicious cycle of depression. Just a let down of guards and tada! I wonder if God really loves me so much to “give” me whoever I thought is a little cute. Well, that does it. Ever since the last episode, I’m constantly reminding and refraining myself from all sorts of thoughts on anyone (especially guys but I won’t mind if it’s Jang Keun Suk *LOL*) in case God REALLY did love me that much. I won’t want another heartache anymore. Enough is enough. I need to learn to be lazy smart. Anyway, I’d chosen one of them that God had sent to me. He might not be the best but he’s good enough for me (of course, it’ll be better if he’s better *LOL*, but it’s okay).

Looking back, I know I’d grown. Stronger and more independent. Though somewhat I’m still the same such as, I do get bored and depressed, and out of focus rather easily. Definitely not a good thing and I know I had to change. There are also, of course, things that can’t and won’t be forgotten, but will always be hidden somewhere deep inside my puny brain.

Now, I’ve got my little baby and lil’ hub. They are all that I’d wanted, other than my parents and only sister. What’s past, had past. Life still goes on. And now, it’s time for a change, let’s make here more lively!!

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