Blog #0614

7.32am – Craps. Shouldn’t have slept so late. Headache now.

9.05am – What?!!! This is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!!

10.32am – Finally am able to settle down and take my breakfast. Reached office, haven’t got the time to sit down and I’m being tasked to find a meeting room for at least 10 as my admin is on MC today. Crap. A last minute arrangement like normally will be tough. But it’s more than just tough! With the limited number of meeting rooms available, it’s already difficult to find one for a 1-2 hours meeting. Moreover, you wanted the WHOLE day!

Nonetheless, I tried with the help of my admin (no choice but to disturb her), and got one room for the whole day, after calling this and that. But there’s no chance for tomorrow.

Alas. That’s the problem when you have people who said “OK” after informing them about this issue a few days ago, and only to raise the alarm now saying that it’s not okay. Sigh… what’s the problem peeps?

Anyway, I like to (try) think and plan far. I’d asked my admin to clear and book the meeting room for them for the next 2 weeks. I wouldn’t want another episode such as that.

Good morning! It’s Thursday already! And I’m going to get a new toy tomorrow! Yippee!!!

12.59pm – The migraine’s getting worse…

1.50pm – I think all the cleaners are on strikes today and yesterday. The restrooms had all ran out of toilet papers.

2.46pm – The situation seems bad as the fire-fighting continues. It’s still not up yet, I wonder when it will be. Everything is being affected now. I’m glad, though a little bad, that I’m not directly involved in it. That’s the good thing about not being in the front line. So… do I still want to consider changing job?

3.07pm – Gosh. Is the time run by a tortoise today?

3.44pm – Gosh. It really is a headache when you are trying to recover all your passwords for accounts which you don’t use anymore and am trying to delete it. Damn… I wonder how I can go about doing it.

5.23pm – Hungry at the wrong moment. Shall I eat something? But it’s almost time to go home… and it’s raining… again…

5.45pm – Packing up soon. Let’s hope I’ve got some time for myself tonight.

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