Thoughts – Upkeeping a Routine

Rummaging through the un-categorized wardrobe that I have, I can’t seem to find any green top that still fits accepts my forever unforgiving protruding tummy – the “present” that was given to me by little milkie, and one which I took it due to my inexperience and lack of research. That’s definitely not going to happen for the second one.

And yes, today’s colour is Green. I decided to leave it to an iPhone application – iChoose, to decide the colours that I’m going to wear to work daily. I’m lazy. I’ll try not to use my brain as much as possible, where possible. *LOL*

Anyway, it’s been a week since I post the 31 days challenge to myself, so how’s it going? Well, let’s just say it’s damn bloody difficult to upkeep a routine especially when there are days where you are just darn tired. But so far so good. Though it’s not to my max performance yet (I believe I can do it a lot better), it’s definitely a good start to a better and more organized future.

So let’s peek at what I’d been doing, and what I’ll add this week.

For the Face: This is by far one of the most tedious routine to follow for there’s just too many steps that I need to do. But I know I need to seriously start taking good care of it again before it’s beyond repair after neglecting it for the past 1.5 years!! Didn’t dare to use SK-II products, which I’d been using for quite a while, when I’m preggy. And then subsequently after that, am too lazy to do anything to my face or anywhere either. Though I’d been blessed with a not too bad combination skin on my face, with hardly much pimples throughout my life, I shouldn’t take advantage of it and ruin it, right?

Anyhow, after a week of slapping my face with all these man-made expensive products, it did feel a lot better. Wrinkles are still there but it still feels rather “bouncy”, fresh and soft at the end of the day! And the skin definitely feels tighter!

So what’s there on my plate. Let’s see… daily use, L’oreal Hydrafresh Cleanser, followed by SK-II Clear Lotion, SK-II Treatment Essence, SK-II Signature Cream (for morning), SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge (for night, and of which I only dab a little as it’s rather oily), SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C, Clarins Advanced Extra-Firming Neck Cream, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye and L’oreal Hydrafresh Gel (store in fridge). And of course, there’s the sunblock, which I got from my facial parlour, and the Beauty Diary Facial Mask (put in fridge for 10 minutes before using) which I tried to put every 2-3 days.

That’s a lot, isn’t it? But so far, I’m relatively happy with the effect, and definitely swear by the SK-II Treatment Essence, which always leave a firm and fresh feeling after using. For the rest of the SK-II products, I’m still trying out, and that goes the same for the Estee Lauder’s and Clarins’s. Am going to change my sunblock to either Clarins or SK-II after using this tube. Not that it’s not effective but I just prefer to use it with the moisturiser.

Some points to note. SK-II products might be a little too strong and may not be suitable for all people especially if your skin is a little sensitive. My two cents, buy a sample product first and try it out before burning a hole in your pocket. Then whatever that you put on your face (other than purely for the eyes ones), put on your neck too. I’d neglected my neck for way too long and now I deeply regretted. Lastly, facial mask cannot be put on for too long, and always remember to wash it off after that. Or else, sometimes it might backfire.

Going to include my monthly facial to clear the black heads too.


For the Teeth: Brush, floss and put the retainers. That’s the problem when you adjust your teeth at an older stage. Teeth are permanent on their spot and are more reluctant to shift. Didn’t wear daily at night to sleep for a year or so, and then can see the teeth shifting a little. Luckily I managed to force it back using the retainers. And I haven’t go for my regular dental checks yet! Hope the orthodontist won’t scold me the next time.

Going to rinse with mouth wash from now on.

For the Body: I’d been controlling on my food intake for the past week. Reducing on my carbo intake as well as solid food after 8pm. Though there are times where I broke the rules, I tried to keep it to the minimal. I did feel my tummy flattening just a tiny little bit with the fats a little loosen but then the weight’s still at 52kg. Darn. My target is at least 8kg lesser.

Anyway, I’m only left with a month before I need to start tidying and clearing my wardrobe. A promise that I made with my mum to clear my wardrobe shall I not be able to go back to my previous figure.

The skin around the tummy area has definitely lost its elasticity. So now, I’m using the Clarins Body Treatment Oil daily at night and hopefully it’ll get better soon.

Going to start doing 30 sit-ups and wear the stupid tight girdle in the hope that it will tighten up the flabby skin that’s hanging around my waist. *LOL*

For the Environment: Ooooh… This is one TOUGH one. But I’m trying to get it to work after… the new air-con is up next week, followed by the TV on the wall, the photo frames as well, and then I’ll see if I can start packing the cabinets and drawers, section by section. Lastly, I would HOPE to paint the walls. Need it to be all white before I can start my doodling on it! Can’t wait for that to happen…


For the Website: As I’d mentioned previously, I’m trying to combine everything. It’ll take some time but I think eventually it’s worth it. To put all (or most) of my thoughts and such together, and then to remove the rest of it from the other blogs.

Just, concentrate on one, and only one.

For the rest of the other things: Trying to put everything in its place, and hopefully with the new phone that I’m going to get later on, keeping to my schedule will improve. Not that iPhone is bad, it’s probably just a little more troublesome, especially with that stupid iTunes which I hated it to the core. But of course, there’s always the little one who’s going to mess it up. Buffers and buffers must be made.

Ah. That’s about it. I’ll be kept extremely busy for a loooooooooooooooooooong time. But busy is good. Keeps you occupied and away from nonsensical thinking.

Good luck to myself! And PRESS ON!!

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