Blog #0615

8.05am – Oh. The milk bottle broke. How could it possibly not be after 10 months of usage with constant droppings deliberately by the little one. It’s time to get a new one. Anyway, it’s supposed to be changed after 6 months.

9.12am – Focus. I need to finish those training slides by today.

10.46am – Extremely bad handover and arrangement. Sucks. This is definitely not the way to do things. A last minute travelling due to work and then you briefly asked me to help for a part. And then for the rest of it, it’s left flowing by itself. Luckily I’m around to “kio” for you. Sigh. Bad arrangement…

2.18pm – I’m BACK! Sinfully ate a piece of goreng pisang to satisfy my cravings for more food. And then, I bought 2 NUK Milk Bottles, one yellow and one green (they are good!), stickers with little milkie’s name on it, featuring Disney Babies, and also 2 GLOW IN THE DARK MAM PACIFIERS! Can’t wait to see it glooow! *LOL*

P/S: I wonder who’s enjoy this more – me or the baby *LOL*

2.54pm – Coupon bought. Report sent. Need to send reminder to the participants for blood testing on Monday, and then give the makeover link to my admin, and then will fully concentrate on the training slides! Yes, that will be the plan for the rest of the work day. GANBATTE!

4.02pm – WOW! Totally didn’t realise it’s already 4pm! If only everyday is like that. Hahaha :p

4.49pm – The thunder roared and the rain came pouring down. Third day in a row, it rained at this hour. Today, I’m happily eating my cereal in milo, and waiting for the time to come. It’s Friday, and I’ve got a ride back home. ^^

5.22pm – Guess I’ll have to work a bit later. Issue again. WOULD be so much better if I was asked to check earlier. But then again, I could have just check it earlier first. Sigh…

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