Thoughts – 11 months old on the 11th

A happy, tiring and fulfilling day had finally ended with little milkie fast asleep, and the lil’ hub playing with his mobile. Today is the 11th and it’s my mum’s birthday! And little milkie is 11 months old!!

The day started off with me lazing on the bed until almost 9am, before woken up by the voice of little milkie. And then going down to the McDonald’s for lunch with the kids (niece, nephew and young cousin) and oldies. It definitely is challenging and tiring trying to coordinate with this group. Here’s how it goes…

Dad was carrying little milkie. Mum was holding on to young cousin (12 years old). Godmum’s holding the nephew (3 years old and extremely hyper). I’m holding on to my niece (9 years old). So seeing that it’s either with the old or the young, I (since I’m walking at the front), decided to take the traffic light instead of jaywalking. But alas… it was just another 10m away from the traffic lights, and I saw my dad and godmum dashing across the road. *FACEPALM*

Anyway, I asked them to go in and take a seat first while I go and withdraw some money. And when I came in, apparently, some were with food, while others are not. The niece and cousin were too eager to eat, such that they just dashed in and ordered the food. *FACEPALM*

Then it starts with the yelling from the nephew… to the “stealing” of fries from the niece… to little milkie joining in in the noise… to the young cousin going off for his forever-always-have-tuition… to the nephew trying to get out of his seat while my godmum chased after him… to the niece getting extremely irritated with his brother… and so on, and so forth…

Nonetheless, we managed to buy a birthday cake (strawberry shortcake) for my mum and I gotten the ezlink sticker for my defaced ezlink card. Got one for the niece too.

Well, that was half the day gone. The later half was spent tidying up my wardrobe, with me almost throwing everything out onto the bed. My wardrobe’s a lot more organized, I would say, with me arranging it according to dress, tops, skirts and pants, and then by colours. Now, I just need to be lazy smart and put it back to where it’s supposed to be.

A simple birthday cutting was then held for my mum, with the little kids decorating the corridor for her. ^^

Okay, let’s now have a peek at how little milkie is doing.

  • Extremely good at “sliding” around in her walker, and destroying everything in her path
  • Able to crawl, backwards only
  • 2 of her teeth are coming out! That’s going to be 3 in total!
  • Can pronounce a few words more clearly compared to the rest, which sounded gibberish at times:
    • Daddy – “Dad”
    • Bird – “Bud”
    • Blue – “Bu”
    • Ball – “Ba”
    • Gong Gong – (low tone) “Geng Geng”
    • Po Po – “Po”
    • Mian Bao – “Bao”
    • Apple – “Per”
    • Banana – “Ba”
    • Clock – “Kluck”
  • Loves to ask people to tell her the names of everything example – peach, apple, orange, prunes, pear, pineapple, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, french beans, purple radish and onions. Yes, that’s the sequence of the vegetables and fruits on the tiles on the walls of my mum’s kitchen. Can imagine why I’m able to remember the sequence when I’m not standing in front of it
  • Loves to be complimented especially telling her that she looks pretty in it. She won’t remove the hair clips or hat
  • Loves to sayang her monkey and care bear soft toy which I’m going to request to give both a nice cooling bath. It’s covered with little milkie’s saliva now
  • Still drinking at least 240ml of breastmilk daily. Stopping soon… Target – 1 year old!

Hmm… I wonder if I should start something systematic for her… Anyway, she’s going to be 1 year old in a month’ time! I better start preparing for the celebration. Will think about the “educating” part later on. Tadas! Good night!

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