I reckoned that it’s not going to be that soon for me to migrate all the past posts to this main domain, so here I go instead of procrastinating it again and again, and waiting for previous posts to be migrated here, I’m starting “AFRESH” in this site today and making it more cheerful than ever! Let’s begin with a picture of my adorable little milkie which I’d taken yesterday when she’s 11 months old…

Life… so far so good. Started this morning with a very bad cough, and puked some gastric juice out, followed by a little diarrhoea. Decided then to take the morning half off to rest (that was the initially thought), and at the same time, cleared my room, in preparation of the air-con installation in the late morning. Eventually, the whole morning was spent moving my barangs out of my room, and then covering the cabinets with newspaper, followed by “entertaining” the little one at my godmum’s house.

There after, I took a quick shower, randomly packed my bag and left for work where I got myself engaged in meetings after meetings. And then it’s time for YOGA! Signed up for the Hatha Yoga that’s organized by the Recreation Committee from our office. It’s going to be held from 6pm to 7pm on every Wednesday. I definitely needed some form of exercise to reduce that little tummy of mine!

The lil’ hub came and fetch me at around 7.30pm and then we were back to enjoy the newly installed air-con!

Schedule’s a little messed up yesterday, with me eating 2 dumplings (carbo), and then having a full bowl of rice (more carbo) during dinner time as the work-out had drained my stomach empty. Skipped the firming oil as well as all the facial products (other than the simple moisturiser). I’m simply too exhausted to do anything extra.

Anyway, I’m not the only one that’s affected. Little milkie’s affected greatly as well, with her skipping her morning naps and then took an extra long nap in the afternoon. And then slept only a while ago *FACEPALM*

But anyhow, all is well, and hopefully back to normal tomorrow. Now, I’ll probably just need to lie down and rest my aching body. Tomorrow will be a better day! Goodnight!

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