It’s time to lay back and relax! Am updating my new handphone with all the fun apps that I can find that can help me to organize my life as well as entertain me when I’m bored. And then TADA! The lil’ hub told me to download an app, called the “Bao Feng Ying Yin” and then the best of all is, I’m able to find the Korean drama that I’m searching for, and that is showing on the TV every weekend! Well, I’m too impatient to wait to watch it only on weekends. Moreover, I’m not always free to watch it so I guess it’s better to just search and watch it on my own so as not to miss any episodes.

Anyway, watched it for the past half an hour and the streaming seems quite good and there appears to have quite a number of dramas and movies too.

It’s a relatively slow day with me stoning and doing nothing much in the office. Feels like my schedule had been messed up again due to the queasy feeling that I’d been feeling of late. I wonder what’s happening… Well, we’ll probably know by the end of next week.

Okay, I’m going back to my drama!

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