Ramblings #0620

2.05am – Okay, I better stop. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I’ll be late for work in the morning. Let’s continue the drama tomorrow!

7.00am – WOW! Is that the alarm?!!! It’s TOOOOO LOUDD!!! *Frantically tried and switched it off* Luckily the baby only stirred a little…

7.52am – CRAP! I OVERSLEPT!!!!!!

9.17am – Oooooh. So late today. Worse still, haven’t even pumped. I wonder if we are proceeding with our dinner appointment tonight (with my colleagues)

1.27pm – I still don’t have the mood to do anything! HELP! And did I lose my TO-DO list? Something seems to be missing… but what…?

2.04pm – Back to work. Back to work. It’s Friday. Just a few more hours. Endure…

5.09pm – Going off in 21 minutes! *GRINNING* Another long list of pending items. Ah… Luckily it’s ending. I’m spacing out. *LOL* And that long list of pending items doesn’t help.

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