A few days ago, I was having this conversation with my sister and the lil’ hub, about having the needs for people (both female and male) to dress up and stay pretty/handsome (or probably just neat) even after married.

The sister quoted 2 examples on both her friends, on how both dressed like aunties after getting married and having children, wearing baggy clothes, shorts and slippers even when going out, and then eventually both husbands ended up having some kind of affair (short or long). And then she also mentioned that there’s once she saw this couple outside, where the husband is walking right in front, while the wife is trailing behind. They don’t seem like a couple. The guy was dressing up smartly while the wife was the opposite. Hmm… sounds familiar? Does looking like an auntie really affects the marriage? After all… there’s so many young and pretty girls out there that’s constantly “attracting” the attention of the guys (including the hubs)

Yes, I know it’s really difficult to dress up, and personally, I really admire those girls who can dress up and even put on make-up early in the morning. Me? I belong to the lazy group. As much as possible, I’ll do the bare minimum, so make-up is almost a no-no for me unless there’s a special occasion. The facial routine that I’m doing it nowadays is enough to keep me occupied (for 5 minutes) and keep my skin off too much artificial products. But what is the bare minimum?

As a working mum with office hour starting at 8.30am, time is extremely precious for me early in the morning, where I’ll be caught in between sleeps, preparation and baby. But yet I know I needed to do something instead of dressing like an auntie or with a weird combination to work. After all, as the saying goes, there’s no ugly women, there’s only lazy women. And even if I’m lazy, I need to be lazy smart (something which I need to constantly remind myself).

So, here’s what I did, or what I try to do (and something which you can try if you are as lazy as me).

(1) I re-organised my wardrobe such that the dresses (for normal office wear) are all put together, while the other side contains pants, skirts, and tops in colour coding sequence. This made finding of clothes a lot easier. I really mean A LOT easier. But of course, you must put it back to the correct place after ironing. That’s the way of being “LAZY SMART”. In case if you are wondering where I got this term from, it’s from a book that I’m still flipping it through – “Smart Organizing” by Sandra Felton

(2) As much as possible, I really DON’T want to use my brain at all especially in the morning where my puny brain isn’t working very well. You may call me silly or crazy, but that’s what I did. I downloaded 2 applications (couldn’t find others that’s suitable as of now) in my phone – one to choose either dress or pants, while the other chooses the colour. TADA! 2 less thing to think. I just need to choose among the few tops/dresses of the chosen colour, and then see if it matches well instead of wondering what colour or types to wear, which usually takes a looooong while.

(3) I downloaded another phone application – DressApp, that helps me to take note of the list of clothes that I have, and what I wore on each day. I’m only starting it since yesterday, and am taking photos daily. In time to come, in case of emergency, I’ll probably be able to choose directly from the combination that I’d created! Isn’t that wonderful? (And I adore my phone for the storage space that it has!)

Lastly, am I glad to know that my husband is dressing up sloppily too? HELL YES! But that shouldn’t stop me from dressing up a little and looking prettier than him! And I must always look younger and prettier than him. *LOL*

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