Ramblings #0627

7.36am – It’s not here yet… It’s confirmed not here yet… then… what are those yesterday? O.O” It can’t be… right? OMG…

8.52am – Another day of clear skies and fresher air… Thank God for that.

9.44am – Just had a hearty breakfast and now I’m back to work! Finally break myself from the dazing cycle and am back on this blog! Yes, the name had changed slightly, thanks again to the FBI company, but let’s hope everything is for the best from now on! GANBATTE PEEPS!

10.50am – Am I… really?

11.24am – Okay, take a deep breath. You DON’T have to be nervous… *BREATHE…* the air is fresh(er)… *BREATHE…*

12.06pm – Ho ho ho… everything is OKAY! *Phew* Gave me a scare!!

2.49pm – I LOVE HTC! If it had been my previous iPhone, I probably would have to run around searching for an iPhone charger instead of any USB cable with the correct head. *PHEW* Thank goodness!

3.09pm – Munching on my spongy fish-shaped red bean pancake… YUMMY!!

3.53pm – Crap. System down. Not sure what’s the problem.

3.56pm – Sigh. Scare me. Wonder why suddenly down on it’s own. So unstable.

4.30pm – The morale is low. Nobody wants to go for the celebration cum farewell lunch. It’s made too obvious. And it’s not the first time that we, individually, had to fork out the money on our own. What’s the point? We wondered. But alas… with the boss not around, probably even for the new date, it makes it difficult for either of our team members not to appear and represent our boss, our team. Sigh…

4.37pm – Oooooh nice! I don’t have to go for the lunch because I’m on leave on Thursday! Woohoo!

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