It sure feels good when everything’s clear, and back to normal. I’m in relax mode and in extremely good spirits! Not that I don’t welcome a second one, I’m just not ready for it. Maybe in another few more months and we shall see. For now, let us just continue to stick to the plan.

So here I am, shopping around Ngee Ann City and went into this shop – The Better Toy Store, located at level 4, above Kinokuniya, and look what I’ve found!

9 pieces of cubes to form a picture, and that’s like 6 pictures in all! Including a sheep, duck, rabbit, hen, cow and pig!

Why I chose this toy? Firstly, it’s like a puzzle, a simple one, which consist of 9 pieces to form a picture. Secondly, the baby can learn the animals too! Best of all, it’s wooden, which means it’s definitely long lasting! *LOL* Oh yes, I’m quite particular when it comes to toys for little milkie because I believe it does affect her greatly.

So for example, I really don’t like that piano toy of hers with a wrong keyboard. Sight, one of the five senses. Just imagine she getting so used to that wrong keyboard, in future, it will take a longer time for her to correct her memory and get used to the correct one. I’m serious, it really matters. But of course none of the peeps in my family bothers to care about that. My mum is just worried about the safety of the piano (some parts are a little too thin and fragile), my dad and sis don’t bother about such things, and the lil’ hub is only concern about little milkie not playing with it.

Anyhow, I love this shop. And all it’s wooden toys. Bought an aeroplane for the lil’ hub a long time ago, when he’s still inspired to become a pilot. It’s still in my own house, accumulating lots of dust, and I do hope the part-time cleaner DID bother to wipe off the dust for me.

Nice shop to go but beware of your wallet. It’s going to burn a big hole if you don’t have any self-control. *LOL*

By the way, is that “+3” number at the top meant for 3 years old toddlers? O.o?

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