Ramblings #0629

7.18am – I better wake up and start pumping. Otherwise I’ll be damn late again. The boss is back today so I can’t be too late. Talking about the boss… sigh… I still feel, no matter how much you don’t like the other, since it’s supposed to be an “Appreciation Lunch”, don’t make it TOO obvious that none of you wants to go. Sigh… anyway, it’s none of my business.

8.29am – Hmm… are you sure the PSI readings are less than a hundred? My nose doesn’t seem to tell me so, so are my eyes… it’s a little blurry. Even if it’s the healthy range, it should be near to a 100.

9.11am – A little late today as I missed both buses but I guess it’s still alright. It’s Wednesday and HELLO KITTY DAY! And it’s going to be reeeeaaaaalll busy. Shall focus on my list of things to be done and completed (hopefully) by today. GANBATTE PEEPS!! Complete it and strike it off your list!!

10.34am – OMG!!!!!! It’s eating into my savings! URGH. BIG BIG HOLE in my pocket ~ air-con, handphone, air purifier, new class… Time to eat grass for a month, at least… *sob sob*

11.46am – Somewhat, the skies doesn’t look forgiving today as the dark clouds loomed across. Probably… it might be a good idea to eat at the cafe above than to risk my little life out into the seem-to-be-coming-rain.

12.50pm – Ah… Sometimes it did feel really nice to lunch-in. Okay, time to start work again. I’ve only got another 4 more hours to go!

2.14pm – Again, it’s been proven that when you are REALLY working, time fliiieeeeeessss… Let’s stretch a bit (body and mind) and relax for a short short while…

How’s the weather today? Cloudy. Rained a little just now but seems like it stopped. Office seems peaceful too except for the anger and despair that can be felt just a few metres away…

Yes, my admin. She’s pissed. Pissed with her son for lying. And pissed with herself for working and not paying enough attention to his son. Hmm… She shouldn’t have agreed with her son and went ahead to keep a dog… Sigh…

2.42pm – Hungry… No good. It’s too early. Way too early.

3.29pm – Just heard from a colleague that he’s intending to migrate and retire (in future) in Chiang Mai. A house (landed with lands) had already been bought (so good to have money), and he’s thinking of taking a Thai cooking course held by a renowned French school over there so that he can (in future again), probably open a restaurant. Ah… C’est beau…

So nice to have dreams… and working towards it… Where’s mine?

4.19pm – Ah! Almost forgotten about the advertisement that I saw that day while watching the movie – Sony NEX F3! In BRIGHT PINK! Geez… I’m so tempted to get it but doubt I’m using it that often. Even my canon is being chucked somewhere under the pile of… hmm… wait a minute… Where’s my canon camera? O.o”’

4.24pm – Hmm… $849… Hmm… *stares at the big hole that’s already in my pocket*

5.27pm – Let’s just do this bit and then go for my yoga… *streeeeeeeeeetch*

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