Ramblings #0630

5.38am – Ouch. Why I can’t seem to move my butt? Ah… never mind… too pain to move.

7.04am – I’m so tired… *switched off the alarm*

7.38am – Okay. Crap. I need to wake up and pump milk but ah… pain… my whole body and legs are in pain… *SOB* Ah. What happened to my neck too??

8.52am – On this Friday morning, with a body and legs that’s not responding well, and the thought of going to a work which doesn’t satisfy your needs, and a boss and big boss of whom you ain’t respecting to an extent at times, it sure brings a frown onto your face. TGIF, really?

10.20am – Having a slightly late breakfast after chatting with colleagues over the incidents that happened yesterday while I’m on leave. Am glad that I AM on leave, and that they happened to choose this date for the lunch. Otherwise, it would have been somewhat a torture for my ears.

SOME people, as far as I know, just can’t seem to stop themselves from commenting, for anything and EVERYTHING at all. Worse still, mostly are negative. And for some, pointing and blaming people comes first before other things. As what a friend just mentioned, “Life is good, it’s just that the people are goons.”. Goons, a.k.a. stupid people. Not that they are mentally challenged, they probably just lack of that thing called EQ (for some), and that they tend to piss people off by doing/saying or not doing/saying things.

Sigh… It is, indeed, my privilege and honour to have such people in my company, and that I’m working with them as well. Right…

Am probably not in a very good and right mood with things piling up AGAIN on my side, especially when I made a blunder yesterday. Not entirely my fault but I can’t possibly stab my admin from the back. I can only say it’s my fault for not reminding her again. But there are still things which I simply don’t understand… WHY… does my boss need to tell me, and then I convey it to my admin instead of she telling her directly??? Sigh… Never mind. Whatever…

10.44am – Really feel like taking a week off to clear all my work – personal and office. I’ve got totally no mood to work in such stifle environment.

11.36am – Why does it have to rain at a time where I wanted to go out and run errands? *FRUSTRATED*

1.03pm – The supermarkets nearby suck. Couldn’t find what I want. Sigh…

1.06pm – I seriously wonder why does this company wants to do audit but yet not really enforcing it. The people don’t care, boss. And you AIN’T doing anything about it!

1.38pm – I’d never, ever thought of becoming colleagues with friends, business partners fine, but never colleagues, for ONE good reason – I don’t want to ruin the friendship, not that business partners wouldn’t, but at least there’s more room for discussion, and no such things as “sabo-ing”.

I’d just received messages after messages of not-so-healthy shooting of each other in a GROUP chat. Started off with (in my opinion) just one of them (B) saying (for fun) that C sabo-ed her by volunteering her to do something. And then D started asking and shooting C for doing that, with C throwing darts back and explaining. All the while, B kept relatively quiet and so were the rest. There’s times where some tried to stop the slighted heated up conversation but to no avail. I was a little irritated by the vibrations of the phone and so I stepped in. Alas. Glad they realise that it wasn’t a nice scene. And that’s one of the reasons why I never supported the lil’ hub in going into the same company as this group of friends. Not that I don’t let him be friends with them, it’s just that they are too close to become colleagues and not have conflicts in the work they do.

Nice Friday huh?

2.02pm – I felt my words falling on deaf ears… falling… and falling… and falling…

2.13pm – My job is to teach a bunch of wilful children who refuse to listen and learn. God, help me. I’m puking blood.

2.43pm – I wondered why did I suggest to have another email in the first place? Seems like nowadays, I’m the only one looking at that common email and doing those things instead of sharing the workload. What the hell.

2.52pm – WTF!! WHEN did it become MY job to audit before a project closes????? Goodness. Goodness. Goodness. Ah… I really want to puke blood. That’s the problem when you start clearing your emails in detail. You started digging up sh*ts which probably you try to skip or had ‘facepalm’ back then and forgotten.

3.58pm – Is doing that bit of extra work so jialat?

4.08pm – Really? Is it that difficult to check that extra 30 pages? When actually you just need to note down the number and then check one or two times instead, and for the rest it’s going to be a no-brainer. How easy will it be to actually really check 30 pages?

Is this not a standard process? How standard do you want it to be? We are checking for completeness of documents, not location. The structure of the process is currently in such scenario, how else do you want people to do? Upload into all places and creates duplicates, overheads and redundancies? *FACEPALM*

FYI. You used to be (probably) one of them who complained that it’s too troublesome to upload into each and every project. Sigh.

5.23pm – Eh? Boss calling me at such time?

6.55pm – DARN! Shouldn’t have called back! Sigh… Yes, yes. I got the missed call from my boss while I went to the pantry. And then I called her back when I saw it, and then the next thing, she asked me to go to her room with my lappie (sounding extremely urgent). So, I went, and then got to realise that I’d been tasked to update the Organization Chart. WTH.

Oh well, fine. I’ve got a class at 7pm but FINE, since that queen of ours wanted it. And I’ve got to support my boss, right? So there I go, anxiously doing, clicking and typing away, catching glimpse of the time on my watch. Called my dad too and told him that I’ll go on my own instead. And then half way, got caught by another bunch of peeps. Finally finishing everything at about 6.45pm and happily went to the printing machine to collect the print-out. Glad? HELL NO! I was extremely pissed and frustrated! Guess what? That queen LEFT without telling us! The first thing that came into my mind – this lady has totally no manners. So what if you are UP there, with such attitude, will anyone respect you? Noooooooooooo. It’s a Friday. It’s after office hours. People (not just me) stayed behind to “fight” for you BECAUSE YOU wanted it NOW. But apparently, your “NOW” is “rubber-banded”. What is the point of getting people to rush it out for you now when you are not there to see the end product right at this moment??!

And now, because of YOU, my boss missed her concert, and I had to take a cab and rushed for my class, first lesson, which I’ll be late, THANKS TO YOU, who apparently don’t treat your subordinates well nor appreciates them. I am, thoroughly disappointed with you.

7.30pm – F. Almost $23 of cab fare!!!!!! And am so freaking late! TMD. Stupid Bloody queen.

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