Crawling. One of the ways the babies can get around on their own. And for most babies, it will be their first method. Normally, babies started to crawl from 7 months old and onwards, after they learned to flip and is on their tummy, and probably knows how to sit without support. I’ve got a friend telling me to flip the baby over and let them be on their tummy for a few hours daily to “train” them. Her baby started to crawl quite early.

Anyway, how do you know when your baby is about to crawl? Really, there’s no fix time nor fix method. And every baby crawl differently. But generally, if you start seeing your baby always on her tummy, with his/her butt up, as if trying to push himself front, or with their front body up supported by their hands, it’s a good chance that they are trying to move. This will probably takes about a few weeks to months before you see them on their fours and moving at tremendous speed.

And the best place for them to learn is either on the mattress or on those rubber baby play mat, as they don’t get hurt so easily.

I did not train my baby at all, and *LOL* she just suddenly started crawling at almost 1 year old! And the funniest of all, it’s a COMBAT style! You know, like those kind where guys did in the army. But she’s definitely better than me. According to my mum, I did not crawl at all, and my sister replaced her “crawling” by pushing her butt and leg in a sitting position. We are both growing normally and still is. So I supposed this isn’t a really important milestone. But sure is a cute and fun milestone if it ever happens.

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