Ramblings #0637

7.48am – “I’m back, for some reasons, as much as I hated to… I can vaguely remembered what happened. Was it just a dream? But as I walked pass the vicinity, I knew I wasn’t dreaming… the horrible incident that took place over here a few years ago, and one which I barely escaped without knowing how or why. Screams were heard. Everyone was running for their life. Shattered pieces of glass were everywhere, and it still is, except that the building had defaced over the years. Why are we back here again?

The team positioned themselves as a shadow peeked at us behind the darkened windows… Slowly, the door creaks open and an elderly man stood at the doorway. The youth had been taken away from him, like it took away the life of many. It was him. It was really him. I knew him.

Without any spoken words, the team followed behind as he retreated back into the dimly lit room. As reluctant as I was, I followed with the door closing behind.

The last glance of the outside world… What’s going to happen…?”

Crap. Why am I dreaming a continuation of another dream years back??? Doesn’t seem like a good omen. And damn, yes, it sure wasn’t. I’m late for work. =.=”’

8.23am – When the tiger is not around, the rabbits (forgotten what animal) came out to play. I thought I’m bad enough to wake up and late for work, but the admin just told me that she’ll be on MC today. Cool… then again, somehow, why do I have this feeling that she ain’t sick, just doesn’t feel like working. *LOL* Anyway, who cares!

9.02am – I already find it weird that the auntie, who wears size 6 or 7 shoes, can actually fit into mine (size 4 or 5) yesterday. But it didn’t strike me that it will “spoil” my shoes in anyway until when I wear it now… Gosh. Not a bigĀ  difference, but it can be felt. Both my feet are slipping forward as the leather strap seems to be “expanded” by a little. There goes my shoes, can’t possibly wear it anymore… and I had even thought about refashion it. Sigh… “I’m wearing your sister’s shoes” Gee… that either goes to show that you are damn (extremely) unobservant and only cares about yourself, or you are just pure dumb. *facepalm*

10.02am – Back to work after chit-chatting for the past half an hour. Ah… I’m so reluctant to look at those emails…

1.02pm – So sleepy… if only I can skip going back to office, and sleep at home now to try and catch up with my lost rest…

1.40pm – I must had been really, extremely, totally exhausted… =.=”’

Me: The S.E.A. Aquarium is newer. $33 for adults. There’s 15% discount off for adults, so it’s like $28. Senior citizens about $20.
Lil’ hub: Wah! So ex. Groupon got any offer?
Me: Nope. Don’t have.
Lil’ hub: Milkie free right?
Me: (what the hell… why won’t milkie be free? Is she going anywhere without me knowing???!) On Thursday?
Me: Oh oh! Yes, below 3! I thought you asked if she available or not… oops. *LOL*
Lil’ hub: Hahaha…

4.03pm – A colleague just shared the ginger cake that he baked. NICE! So inspired to bake more cakes!

5.21pm – It’s raining.

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