Thoughts – Milkie’s 1st Birthday Celebration

I stared at her, sleeping soundly with her mouth opened. She must had been really tired, to not even stir a little when I touched her. Who wouldn’t, after having so much fun for almost the whole day.

Today, we held little milkie’s first birthday celebration, a theme selected based on the dress bought by her granny, and one that she’s going to wear – yellow, brown and white. It didn’t turn out exactly as planned initially. Amendments were made along the way and eventually, we decided on the little chick in a farm. So there I go, busy with the preparations for the past 3 days, and literally forcing myself to stay on course, focus and keep to the schedule. A problem with the Yin Water people. Now that everything is over, I would say… I’M SO FREAKING PROUD OF MYSELF!!!!

It definitely is a tad more tired than the usual for I really make sure that I ticked off each and every task in my checklist daily and no accumulated tasks was shifted back. Of course, I really need to give a BIG thank you to my dearest sister who helped me out for the whole event (I probably can’t finish it on time without you), unlike the lil’ hub who probably does it better when he’s sitting at a corner biting his nails, rather than nagging his way through when you asked him for help. Nonetheless, probably the “screwing”, “ignoring” and “freezing” (I shifted the air-con such that it’s blowing right at him instead. Oops.) late last night managed to screw the loose drivers back into his brain such that he actually decided to help out and become the “chef” to cook the nuggets using the air fryer this morning (GOOD STUFF, other than it’s damn bulky).

The day started out with me freezing sleeping on my own bed, thanks to the lil’ hub who slept on the mattress (on the floor beside little milkie) the night before, with the air-con blowing straight at me. I couldn’t stand the cold anymore and thus decided to nap on the sofa in the living room. That was 7am+ in the morning. But as usual, with my sleeping habits, and the tons of things that awaits my attention, I ended up painting my nails. And then shortly after, the sister woke up and we went out to finish touching up on the decorations, followed by laying of the tables and food… and without realizing, it’s 11am and our first guests appeared!!

The day was then continued with the guests flowing in, and little milkie shaking her hands frantically to indicate that she don’t want you (the stranger) to carry her every now and then. *LOL* And then there were so many kids that were running around! One of my friend’s niece (about 1.5 years old) was so funny, and went into the lift alone, with my friend chasing frantically behind her, and scolding her for almost that 1.5 hours that she stayed there.

The food from Select Buffet Catering was alright. Not extremely splendid though. As for the dessert corner, well, it sure gained lots of attention and praises from all. And I’m pretty sure our effort didn’t go to waste! Mum, we did it! Don’t you dare look down on your daughters! We can do more than you think we can! ^^

And then, not forgetting the tradition picking of 4 items by the birthday girl.  In the selection (you can put more if you want to), there were a ruler, book, pen, calculator, cupcake and an ang bao. The 1 year old boy/girl is supposed to pick 4 items, and that will represent what she will do (or be like) in the future. And so, little milkie went about selecting it. The first item – a book, followed by a calculator. She touched the cupcake for a while but went to select a pen instead, and then the last, a ruler. So what does it means? She loves to study, and her calculation shouldn’t be too bad (Math!!), and probably likes to write, and will go into fashion designing. *LOL* Well, the last one, I decipher that on my own. After all, she’s an Yin Water element too, which means she’ll probably be like me!

The day ended up with the presents opening after we cleaned up the whole area. Yes, the present opening. It’s so funny if you managed to see her reactions. Wow-ing almost continuously. Her favourite present (and mine) is probably the piano that was given by my favourite cuz and friends, for she kept on playing with it, ignoring the rest of the presents. Wise man thinks alike, I really am glad the cuz had EXACTLY the same thought as mine, and I don’t need to fork up a reason to get rid of that piano with the wrong keyboard. *LOL*

Anyway, that’s about the end of it. The rest of the day was filled with packing up here and there, and playing with the little one.

Ah… like any other events, a sudden sense of loss swept over me… what will tomorrow be like…?

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