Ramblings #0638

9.01am – It’s no joke when you need to carry a big heavy bag, wear a stupid pair of heels (because for some reasons you have to throw away your normal working heels) and try to catch a bus or cab early in the morning with such “un-cooling” weather. Somehow, you felt being played at, for the bus that you wanted to take never seem to appear, and then suddenly, all the available cabs had vanished! Great start for a day huh? I’m so bloody late for work!!

9.40am – Am still pissed with the transport system in this country. I seriously need to think of alternatives.

10.07am – Yes, I know the system sucks, but do you have to give me that kind of “roll-your-eyes” look??? Sucks. Getting so sick of working in IT already. If not for the money… Urgh… money… *PUI!*

4.41pm – WOW! It’s almost time to knock off! Am so busy today. Sigh… thought when the boss isn’t around, I should be a little bit more… *cough* free…? =.=”’

8.03pm – I’m amazed. For it can traumatized me even after it’s dead. Sending shivers down every single part of me, and taking over my brain with the sight of it’s lifeless body. Haunting me for decades with generations of descendants…

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