Ramblings #0639

8.01am – Exactly a year ago, on this day, at this hour, I probably am still lazing on the bed with butterflies in my stomach. Today, I’m looking at this adorable little one, who calls me “Babi” instead of “Mummy”. *LOL* Well, I should be glad because at the very least, she’d started calling me, instead of just skipping me and called “Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad” instead.

9.13am – Early in the morning, I was greeted by one colleague who said, “You had stop helping people to create projects huh? Stop providing free service already.”. And then here’s my reply, “Project manager is supposed to create the projects. And I teach people to fish, I don’t give people the fish.” *Grin*

Yes, don’t be lazy anymore. Unless there’s really some very valid reasons, otherwise, please do it yourself. Je ne suis pas a secretaire.

9.25am – Okay, I’ll need to focus and finished up the work that my boss asked me to do before this week is gone in a flash. Later…

11.34am – A few hours had gone, and I’m being dragged to do other things such that… MY TARGET HAD NOT EVEN BEEN TOUCHED! Bad.

12.38pm – I’m sooooo forgetful. Brought the thumbdrive and the forms, but just as I was about to print the photos, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t transferred the photo into the thumbdrive yet. Urgh.

3.01pm – WOW! I’m so totally excited now after I saw the new software/services that’s available in the control panel! It’s so totally cool!!! Am extremely tempted to revamp the whole site, clear away all the old and useless data and start afresh tomorrow! A milestone that’s marked on my timeline last year, another one to be mark on exactly the same day this year. But that would also mean the site might be down for a while… would you be able to wait? ^^ AH! I can feel every cells in my body getting so excited! Vodien! Reply me soon! *dancing dancing*

3.18pm – On the other hand… the one that I’m using now ain’t that bad too… Maybe I should just upgrade the version instead of porting it out all over again… Hmm… *pondering…*

3.40pm – Back up first.

4.51pm – Way too many distractions today… URGH!!

5.22pm – I need to upgrade the PHP version and it might break the site. Hang on dudes! This might take a few days! It’s going to be a damn bloody nice interface!

5.37pm – I’m off!

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