Ramblings #0640

8.26am – So happy! I’m early for work today! My lil’ hub is so sweet to offer me the ride!

8.29am – Sigh… didn’t know that happiness is so… short-lived. I forgotten to bring my lappie and now the lil’ hub is on his way to get it for me. I’ll sure get a %)*@)%&@)^ from him later. Oops. =.=”’

8.45am – So sweet of the lil’ hub to get the lappie for me. HAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU BEBE!! MUAK MUAK MUAK! :p

8.53am – Had a short chat with my admin. OMG. I think her financial planning is a lot worse than mine. Better try and help her a little, otherwise she’s really going to live on bread for more than just 3 weeks.

9.29am – Had to spend half an hour to settle some dispute between 2 managers. I seriously wonder what’s so difficult and unclear. Sigh. Anyway, shall go for the pump first before I start.

10.20 – Finally able to start focusing and clear my list of 4 COMPULSORY TODAY. Don’t disrupt me. I need to finish today. OR ELSE… *bang against the wall*

10.49am – Half way through reviewing of the checklist, and I’m wondering if any follow-up work is being done at all…

1.13pm – AH. Busy till the max!

3.09pm – PIANG! I want to faint already!!!!

3.16pm – Steady. Steady. I can do it. Take a deep breath and go another dive! (into the computer)

5.24pm – Time to pack up and go. Don’t want to be late for class. Ganbatte!

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