Ramblings #0641

6.41am – Call me crazy or anything that you want, to start blogging away at such hours. Gosh. Not a good thing to wake up with a full bladder and a splitting headache…Might as well do something useful now like fix the site. Yes, it had been upgraded but there’s still some technical glitch which I’ve yet to solve. Am going to now. Let’s hope I can fix it fast.

7.15am – (Reading the news) Ooooh… Suicides all time high. Continue and get in more FTs and it’s going to be higher with such competitive life. Solution to this by each individual? Do not follow the trend. Move away from here where possible. This place,¬†sooner or later, is just going to be a dump for the rich. There’s no place at all for the local borns. We will stand at the majority? Right… who are you kidding?


7.28am – Somehow a tad slower than the previous. I wonder if it’s this software that’s affecting or what. I sure hope not…

7.32am – Okay. Time to start work! Bear with me for a while, while I try to fix it up!

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