Ramblings #0642

7.53am – Waking up to a sweet “Hello” every morning… ^^

10.41am – Busy day with me clearing up whatever I can. The boss came back to Singapore but will be working from home as she’d injured her leg. Sigh. What a tragedy.

Just discussed about the Kovan double murder case with a friend. Yes, I do agree that he doesn’t look like a bad guy, and that he looked sad. I believed that he did it in a moment of folly. Nonetheless, he still had to be trialled for what he did, whether it’s an accident or intended action. Lives, had been lost.

11.19am – I really wondered how did the email amount to 200+ in my Inbox… =.=”’

12.05pm – AH! Where’s my office access card?!!!

12.18pm – Luckily found it in my dad’s car… but the cabinet’s key gone. Damn it… am I supposed to bring my lappie back home from now on since it’s so unsafe to put in the office nowadays?? Sigh…

1.26pm – Little milkie is poo-ing blood. Must be due to the hard poo.

1.53pm – Just came back to office and found that the admin’s working from home, for some reasons. Hmm… hmm… hmm…

2.11pm – Thought I said I go celebrate with you for your resignation. And now you are happily asking me if you can go dinner with your army friends or not? WTH. I didn’t even mention that you kept going out with friends recently! So happy right? Become a dad so easily. PUI.

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