Ramblings #0643

9.14am – Anyo Haseo! It’s already the second day of the week and while I’m busy clearing my stuffs, what have you been doing? I’ve been using Google Keep. Not too bad. You might want to try it too. ^^

9.20am – OPC coupon for yesterday bought. *strike off*

9.32am – Why does banks want to charge people for using their credit cards and yet willing to waive it for them by wasting the customers’ time? *Waiting…*

9.36am – Eh? I thought I’ve got some outstanding bills other than the annual charges? O.o

9.39am – Ok. My bet. I don’t have to pay this month. All the bills are making me dizzy. *strike off*

10.23am – Oooooh… Just finished clearing my… erm… stomach. *LOL* Gee… I’m so bored. Admin’s going back home and the lil’ hub rather stays at home than come and meet me for lunch. So I’m on my own today. Wondering if I should head for the shops or just stay put and catch up on my blog. Hmm…


10.46am – When the creative juice is out, it’s out.


12.04pm – The quality of the food is getting bad. The ikan bilis tasted so powdery. Euk.

12.52pm – Okay. Let’s do it for 18 more minutes and I’m done for now for the updates of the blog. A little a day, goes a long way.

1.23pm – Gee… that’s what happens when you have a faster network. I wonder what’s wrong with the Singtel connection back in my house. It’s been quite unstable for the past few days. Either that, it’s the nettie that I’m having. Sucks. Anyway, exceeded the time. Time to stop and work! Okay, let’s see… where to start…

2.02pm – WOW! This is amazing! The domains are all taken for the running alphabets starting from a, ab, abc, abcd, …, abcdef….xyz! I can’t believe this. Some people are as crazy as I am. *LOL*

2.13pm – Pack up!

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